Attractions in the neighbourhood

Beskidian Planetary Trail- created in 2002, out of  initiative of Jerzy Rucki- the founder of the Museum. The first stop of the train is the church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Kubalonka. The trail leads trough the Olecki, Wilcze, Olza valley to Jasnowice and the last stop is Regional Museum “Na Grapie” in Jaworzynka. We could cover the distance on foot( about 4 hours) or by bike (1,5 hour). The trail shows all the advantages of beskidian landscape. It also teaches kids about the solar system which was drawn to a scale of 1:500 000. 

In the village of Jaworzynka the borders of three countries meet: Poland, the czech Republic and Slovakia which have been marked with three border posts carrying the name "Trojstyk". 

Museum of the Spruce and the Spruce Gene Bank. 

In the young forest school Jaworzynka Wyrchczadeczka there is a Museum of the Spruce, where scientific materials have been gathered, i.e. there are being conducted some scientific and historical examinations relating to the existence of the regional Istebna Spruce Gene Bank. Furthermore, there is also the wood grouse breeding ran by National Forests Management in Wisła. This farm has tried for several years to restore this endangered type of bird  which used to live in the woods of Barania Góra, the mountain where the Wisła river has its spring.

Here are some places Worth seeing during your stay in Jaworzynka:

A Parisch Chuch of Saint Peter and Paul in Jaworzynka Centre. There are numerous sculptures, paintings and bas- reliefs there. We can also admire wonderful tablecloths embroidered by local women.

The Catholic church of Our Lady of Frydek with the statue of the Holy Virgin brought here from Frydek Mistek in Czech Republic by highlanders. In this church we could also admire works of local sculptor Paweł Jałowiczor.

In The Valley of Krężelka, local artist Krystyna Heblińska encourages tourists to visit her little art gallery “Drewutnia”.

Thanks to the unique landscape advantages, rich and vivid culture, the region ranks among the most attractive in Poland.  In addition The Triple Village have large number of ski slops with good lifts and  service. There are numerous places of tourist accommodation, holiday resorts, private accommodation; it is also a youth hostel and campsite.  Local restaurants and inns offer all the advantages of regional kitchen. Within the municipality there is the boundary of the catchment area of the Vistula, the Oder and the Danube flowing into the Black Sea.

Museum opening hours

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