Our houshold

Picturesque hills, Green forests, fresk air, authentic folklore… true relax connected with active holiday on the trail, with the bicycle or on horse carriage… Where can we find it all? The answer is simple: “Na Grapie” in Jaworzynka. Here, in a place where three borders meet, we can find an enchanting corner of the world, located among the hills of Silesian Beskid. Here we can rest from the rush and noise of the city, from everyday routine at school and work. Let’s get enchanted by the beautiful views, by the taste of local dishes (highlander sauerkraut soup), or the intricate pattern of Koniaków laces. 

The hosters can provide 20 lodging places, in double, triple and four person bedrooms with bathrooms. At your disposal remain the kitchen, wide dining room, large lounge, a ping-pong table and a billard-room. The arrangement of the rooms is interesting and refers to the historical character of the building. Separated shelter with a hearth enables making a bonfire and the big playground invites our younger guests to play on the fresh air.

Holiday in Jaworzynka? You couldn’t miss trying local specialities. It would be a great loss! If we wish to try potato pancakes, smoked bacon, fresh cottage cheese, “Kubuś” or “Kwaśnica” (highlander sauerkraut soup), the hosts will meet your expectations. Food from the household farm is always fresh and natural. Let’s yield to the temptation. Those who prefer self-made dishes, will have access to well equipped kitchen.

Original, wooden interior of the house situated in the building of museum, will let us feel the unique atmosphere of the former cottage house. Wonderful views from the windows encourage us to exploring numerous attractions of the region during the trips and walks. In the forest we can pick mushrooms, berries and wild raspberries. Don’t waste a weekend. Switch off the TV and the computer and come to Jaworzynka. You will return here many times.

Museum opening hours

Monday- closed
Saturday- 10:00-15:00
Monday -closed 
Tuesday -10:00-16:00
Wednesday -10:00-16:00
Thursday -10:00-16:00
Friday -10:00-16:00
Saturday - 10:00-16:00
Sunday -10:00-16:00


Jaworzynka 720 (przysiółek Gorzołki),
43-476 Jaworzynka, 
woj. ślaskie 
tel. +48 33 855 65 20

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